Squish The Jellyfish Crochet Kit

Supersized jellyfish crochet kit. Squish swish jellyfish, ballerina of the sea, pirouetting gracefully for your friends and family. No brain, no bones, no blood, no heart, but a beautiful tutu that makes you look the part. This knitty critter jellyfish crochet kit is designed by mandy cameron and includes all the materials you require to crochet an adorable jellysfish like swish and he makes the perfect gift or home décor item! He will arrive on your doorstep in his own gift box and as soon as you open it you are ready to start bringing him to life. Kit contents: Knitty critter teddy crochet kit. 300g of blanket yarn. Several metres of black yarn for facial features. 8mm crochet hook. 5mm crochet hook. 200g of stuffing. Pattern. Washing guidelines: Wipe surface clean with a damp cloth or hand wash. If you machine wash use a delicate cycle and you will have to re-plump the stuffing when dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.