Saguaro Cactus Box


The Saguaro Cactus Box brings a touch of Southwest style to your home or space! This quality piece of bisque ware makes an excellent jewelry box or even just a place to keep coins, keys, and hairpins on your nightstand! This fun pottery piece makes a great gift for adults and children, and this cactus box can bring some personality and color into a space!

This bisque Cactus Box is based on the Saguaro Cactus native to Arizona and parts of Mexico! The Saguaro Cactus can grow up to 40-60 feet tall, and the plant can live to 200 years old! This particular cactus is iconic! It is what most people imagine when they picture a cactus, and it is very commonly represented in popular culture!

In decorating the Saguaro Cactus Box, consider using some Southwest style! Use some warm reds like the sun setting on the sand or perhaps some turquoise, a color so common in that look! You might think about applying angular patterns reminiscent of traditional Navajo rugs! The cactus ribs and arms in this pottery piece allow for interesting depth and an opportunity to utilize shadow and create dimension in the creation!

The Saguaro Cactus box is a fun project for all ages, and it makes a fun gift! Bring a little bit of your personality to a space, and decorate your piece with flair and bold colors! This functional little box will look great on a bookshelf, curio cabinet, office desk, or on a night stand!