Kev Koala Crochet Kit

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Supersized koala crochet kit. Kev is a very likeable character, when he's awake. This plump fuzzy mammal sleeps for 18 hours tucked into a nook of his favourite tree. He doesn't need to move far for refreshments as he eats the leaves off the tree and they are so moist he doesn't need to drink! Within this kit are easy to follow instructions, set out row by row in uk terminology and also includes certified high quality stuffing for a super soft, cuddly finish; don't let him over eat the stuffing though! Your finished knitty critter should measure approx 20cm x 30cm x 38cm and is dependent. Kit contents: Knitty critter teddy crochet kit. 300g of blanket yarn. Several metres of black yarn for facial features. 8mm crochet hook. 5mm crochet hook. 200g of stuffing. Pattern. Washing guidelines: Wipe surface clean with a damp cloth or hand wash. If you machine wash use a delicate cycle and you will have to re-plump the stuffing when dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.